Where am I going?


Global Vision International assists Reserve Managers and land owners in monitoring introduced large predators and herbivores on Karongwe Game Reserve and Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve by collecting data on their impact on prey numbers and vegetation respectively.”

Any clearer?

Karongwe Game Reserve was established in 1998, and is situated in the lowveld (includes the Kruger National Park). It has an altitude of 300 – 500 metres above sea level. More on the reserve.

Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve is owned and managed by De Beers. A research hub is being developed and facilitating international scientists to carry out conservation research projects on Venetia as well as neighbouring Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site. The reserve is 8o km from Musina and 5.5 hrs from Jo’burg. It is situated next to Mapungubwe National Park.

Mapungubwe Hill has recently been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the hill having been the site of a capital of a sophisticated and powerful African kingdom during the period 900-1290 AD.

VLNR will form part of a proposed Transfrontier Conservation Area, which will also incorporate Mapungubwe Hill and parts of Zimbabwe and Botswana.