A whale of time in Lewis

My only wee jaunt out was to the Isle of Lewis. This was courtesy of my parents who were going anyway. My godmother lives in Stornoway, so it was to her we went.

We had wonderful weather – blue skies, minimal breeze (but enough to keep the midgies away), and some warmth. Though it’s pretty obvious that autumn is well on the way.

We went to Orinsay, and saw 9 golden eagles (3 on the way). 6 were in the same group and we reckon that it must have been Ma and Pa, two sub-adults, and 2 juveniles. 2 of the eagles stayed in the region where we were exploring, and then dropped out of sight. Within 5 minutes, 2 sea eagles flew by. As soon as they were out of sight, the golden eagles came out of hiding.

The second day we went to Callanish. A site where my parents have visited numerous times, but never with sun (which we had oodles of). We then went onto Great Bernera, and had our lunch in a lovely wee cove, where I clicked away – even finding this in one of the rockpools.

Our journey back was no less eventful and I would never have believed the Minch could be as still as a mill pond if I hadn’t actually seen it with my own eyes. The consequence of this was if we then saw any white water, we knew something was up. We passed by an area in the Minch where birds and a pod of dolphins were gathering. Sadly the boat was going too fast for me to get any good photos, though I did try.