This is it!

I’m packed, and my rucksack’s all trussed up with secure cabling. Annoyingly BMI (flying from Leeds to Heathrow) have different weight limits to Virgin (why can’t they agree on one set of measurements for hand baggage and weight, and one weight for checked-in luggage?). However, even though my camera, lenses and bins take up most of my hand baggage allowance, I am still under the severe limit imposed by Virgin (6kg).

 I’m meeting up with some expedition members (EMs) at Heathrow (I did think of wearing a feather boa to stand out from the crowd), so we can check-in together.

On Wednesday, we head to Polokwane for lunch, and orientation session. From there I think we’re split into two groups, one going to Karongwe, and the other to Venetia.

From what I’ve read, I think each group splits into 3 teams, and each team then takes a turn at the mountain camp. However, to start with, we all have a week of training with an exam at the end.

I have no idea when I’ll next be able to access the web, so this may be the last post for a while.