Game drive with siyaya.

AS one of the Mehindras had to go in for it’s clutch to be replaced, we had to go into the mountains with the Siyaya – minibus/van.

Our task today( 29th Oct) was to clear some drainage ditches of sand build up from the dirt tracks. We were given 4 shovels between 6 of us so we managed to complete our task fairly quickly.

The track we were on led us to a small plateau surrounded by higher peaks. We could see wildebeest but decided to walk in and see what else we could find. We managed to see male, female rhinos and calf; a tower of giraffe; baboons; wildebeest; impala and a black stork. We could also hear piet may vrou and purple creasted lourie.

The owner of the reserve has horses, and last night while we were preparing our braii, they came and visited (cos we had good grass by the rondavels).