There’s a rustling in the bushes.

Our first stop was Luna High Hill where there was a massive white rhino scrape. Managed to get a signal for Guizeppe, so we went in search, did some mobile tracking and found her and her cubs. They looked pretty settled for the day.

After a while watching these lazy lions we went away for a leg stretch and then went back to watching the lions. We heard some rustling and though the cubs were moving, but didn’t see any movement. Neither was Guizeppe, so what was going on? Suddenly this snake’s head appears about 2 feet from Guizeppe’s head and this lioness manages to achieve this magnificent sideways manoevure landing about 8 feet away in about 2 seconds flat. She then peed probably out of complete shock, while the cubs looked on a little confused.

 Meanwhile, the snake, a big black mamba glided gracefully into the upper reaches of the tree.

We then drove the Mehindra round the tree to try and get a good pic of the snake. The Mehindra’s clutch was going and it was making an awful screeching sound, which made the snake retreat to the furthest side of the tree each time time we got close.