Today I’m on vehicle duty – my last of the expedition! :o( I like vehicle duty cos you don’t have to do anything while out on drive except take photos and watch out for interesting animals and birds. Oh, and spotlight in the evening.

A rather cloudy start to the morning we were concentrating on Subipe this morning. We decided that we needed to climb Stinkwater koppie to try and get signal. Pete came with us, so we all trooped up the koppie, and Christo checked for signal from the top. Christo did this as there was a great deal of lightning around, with thunder.

The minute we climbed back in the car, the heavens opened. Literally. I had forgotten the size of raindrops in Africa and how incredibly soaking they are. I was very glad I had taken the precaution of covering my camera bag with its waterproof cover, and had my coat with me.

I think I stayed driest out of the four of us on the back of the Mehindra, while Christo and Davide were nice and dry in the cab. I was also very glad of the windprooof aspect of my coat while we drove around trying to pinpoint Subipe’s location. He was in the same place as last night so we’re assuming that he’s got a kill. He was in a very inaccessible place, so we could only triangulate his position.

This afternoon, we’re concentrating on Guizeppe which will be interesting as she’s moved quite a lot since we last saw her.