The 5th November

Was a pretty quiet day as I was on camp duty. I had a lovely lie-in, and was woken up by a cracking roll of thunder.  Cool! I love thunderstorms. Unfortunately the storm didn’t amount to much, as we only had a light sprinkling of rain. It was extremely hot and humid, and I had to clean the house. It was so humid that it didn’t take much till I was dripping with sweat, and I was downing water with ice by the bucketload.

Luke was on base duty and we got a call from Justine asking us to check for signals from Subipe, Thika and the dogs. I took the telem up to the pool area, this being the highest part on base, and went to stand by the pool. I quickly retreated into the shade as the cement was far too hot to stand on in bare feet.

Luke, being from Arizona and quite used to the heat, was quite happy to give the telem a go, but he too couldn’t stand the heat of the cement and dipped his feet in the pool. Good idea I thought, but it didn’t solve the problem, so Luke retreated to a camping chair and stood on the thick material to check for signals.

The rest of the team was on a find all day and got fried on the back of the Mehindra. They too had a long day, and left at 5 am and got back about 7pm. Pete Bradford, the SA GVI director arrived today for a few days and announced that there was lots of thunder and lightning to the north of the base. We ate our supper with a backdrop of lightning strikes.