Our accomodation

I haven’t really written much about the base or the techy side of the expo, so thought I’d do so over the next couple of days.

Having spoken to Pete, we’ve discovered that where we’re staying is the most civilised GVI base probably in the world.  The next GVI volunteers will be back to the Safari Camp in the middle of the reserve.

So… Base consists of a number of thatched buildings, the main house being by far the largest. This has 3 bedrooms (bunks in 2 for us EMs, the intern and the spare bed being in the other), 2 showers, 3 toilets, a conference room (which reserve mgt opened to allow us to watch the rugby world cup), a sitting room and verandah.

Two rondavels behind the house where the GVI staff are staying and two cottages to the east of the main house, one of which is occupied by the assistant Reserve Manager. The other is for other researchers or guests of the GVI staff.

There is also a lapa where the darts board and hammock are, the pool area and also the braai area. The whole complex is surrounded by a 6 foot high electrified fence, with, if you can imagine this, a cattle grid style electric fence on the ground, over which the vehicles drive into the compound.

The base GVI normally uses is situated more or less in the centre of the reserve, and is a tented camp with no electrified perimeter fence.