The reason why we check our bedding every night…

One of the first things we were instructed to do when we arrived at Venetia was to always always check our bedding before we crawled into it, shake our clothing in the morning before putting it on, and check our boots before putting our feet into them.

I didn’t manage to get a pic of the striped sand snake that hung around the house for a few days, but I did manage to get a good pic of a solifuge (Roman spiders – large number of people who’d find these in their beds, and just squash them), and on the last day (the 14th) a scorpion.

I think there must have been more scorpions than the staff told us about, but on the last morning, one of the EM’s was taking a shower and she saw something move in the bathroom. She kept an eye on it, watched it get stuck under the door, thought it’d be safe to take her off it for a second, and then it disappeared.

It had trundled off to the other bathroom and climbed into another EM’s shoes, while she was taking a shower. She saw it out of the corner of her eye, and thought “My goodness, that’s a big dung beetle…. oh, it’s not… it’s got a tail curled over on itself…. what do I do now?”

Dave managed to catch it in a jar, and I just HAD to take a photo, or two or three. He’d put in a jar that we’d managed to catch a solifuge in, that had breathing holes, so once I’d got some sensible shoes on, we walked a distance from the base (still within the security fence), and released it. Got some more photos of that, but not sure how they’ll look.