The weather in the UK…

is not as nice as in SA. But then that’s not really a surprise is it? It’s been dull, drear and dreich here at home – I even resorted to sitting in my sleeping bag at the computer while burning my enormous quantity of photos to DVD.

I have tried to put a few photos onto the blog – I obviously need to reduce the size of each photo even further before the dial-up here can cope with them. As a result, I’ve only put 2 photos up, and the rest will have to wait til Christmas.

I’m off again, tomorrow. For the longest flight I’ve ever done – allbeit with a stop in Dubai (praying that both I and my bag will make the connection), and a fuel stop in Sydney. Thursday sees me arrive in Christchurch, where at least I have a night’s accommodation before joining Flying Kiwi in Oamaru.