Things I’ve noticed while hanging round airports…

Since I’ve been spending so much time recently at airports I’ve been looking around me and wondering a few things.

Like, and please explain to me if you know the answer or you can come up with something that sounds sensible, or not as the case may be… why there were 3 flight numbers, all with different prefixes, like, BA, CX, and something else, which then all queued at the same gate, and all got onto the same plane. I don’t undertand that, I really don’t. I saw a similar thing at Jo’burg on the departure screen, and excused it as something preculiar to Jo’burg but now I see it isn’t.

When I landed at Heathrow, there was a ground frost but the grass alongside the taxi-ing routes was already defrosted. Is this healthy? I leave it to you… 

Mouse droppings at the internet cafe I’m at. Really. After I finish this post I’m going to the toilets and most meticulously washing my hands.

I did think of loads of other things as I was flying down from Manchester, but most of them seem to have slipped through. Probably just as well as you probably don’t want to read all my ramblings.

 Last of all though, why oh why did I think I had to fly from Heathrow when I could’ve flown from Manchester, thereby cutting out at least one flight?