Te Anau

It took the best part of half a day to travel back into Te Anau where we’re pitched for 2 nights, En route we dropped 13 people off at the start of the Routeburn track (most of them looking quite unsure if they had the right gear and were doing the right thing) and the rest of us came back into town for our activities.

Last night a small group of us went to some glow-worm caves which consisted of a 250m walk through a limestone cave system (Aurora Caves) and a short, completely dark, almost completely noiseless boat ride into the ‘glow-worm grotto’. It was what I would imagine the boat along the Styx would be like, but with blue fairy lights.

This morning I went, along with a couple of the guides, for a ride on the Luxmore jet-boat with a few 360 degree spins.  This sped down the ??? river which in a few places becomes the ‘Anduin’ river that Frodo and his companions glided down from Lothlorien. Tomorrow we head to Queenstown where I’ve put myself down for the Luge (been recommended) and a 4WD ‘safari’.