Picton and the crossing.

We said goodbye to many nice people in Nelson. Many of these people made the trip with their upbeat attitudes. Although I would not have wished to share my trip with a number of 16yr olds, they showed surprising maturity in comparison to some of the twenty-somethings.

These 16yr olds are German high school exchange students and some have come out for a year, some only for 6 months.

After an extensive time of hugs and tears we set off for Picton. Instead of visiting 3 wineries we only visited one, plus an artisan chocolate factory.

Our guides dropped us off at the ferry terminal in Picton and the wind would’ve blown us away had it not been for our heavy rucksacks. We had been due to leave at 6pm which would have enabled us to view the surrounding scenery but leaving more than an hour later, with low cloud base and winds meant we couldn’t.

The crossing was… rough! Not as rough as one crossing I remember on the Minch, but almost as bad. The Cook Straits are 19km wide and a strong eastery made our journey north interesting. There weren’t many people who were immune to the effects of the sea. The journey took an hour longer than it shouldve done, and once on terra firma we staggered into the hostel and into our beds.