we were given wetsuits and neoprene boots, plus wellies and a helmet with lamp and taken to an area where there were numerous sink-holes. Down a couple of staircases, we allowed our eyes to become accustomed to the dark before switching on our lights and trekking through the caves.

Eventually the water began to get deeper and we donned our inflated inner tube rings, switched off our lights and headed forward in the (almost) dark. The only light coming from the bio-luminescence given off by the ‘glow-worms’. Keeping our hands on the right side of the passage the water became so deep that eventually we were swimming/floating.

Our next hurdle was to fall backwardsonto your tube in the dark. The result? makaing sure you were firmly wedged into your tube. We then formed a ‘snake’ with the person in front holding onto the wellies of the person behind. Like this we were guided past colonies of cave wetas (but didn’t see any) to yet another hurdle – a huge water slide. From here, we had another longish trek to the bottom of a huge staircase which finally led into the light.