Thoughts at the end of the day

Yesterday was a lovely day, or was it? Most of them pass by in a blur. Have to be careful to ensure they don’t all pass by in a similar manner. As I walked out to the car park that day (whichever day it was) I had a brief glimpse of a buzzard quartering the field. The one that is slowly being tamed, or having its biodiversity obliterated. One day an archeologist will dig into that field (provided it’s not all covered in concrete and tarmac) and find a red rubber sphere, otherwise known as a ball. Fozz left it there on one of his jaunts earlier this week.

I’ve seen the buzzard quite a few times recently. I seem to disturb it as I walk down the Great Glen Way during my morning perambulation with Fozz. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to catch it on camera.