Deeper still

Deeper still

It is the well of God’s presence. This cross section is but a part of a huge well, from which all wells are drawn.

Through our own limitations the well we see is that from story books – unassuming and ordinary. Many bypass it because of its appearance; some will dip a cup into its waters, because they have been invited by others, and go on their way. Even fewer will dive into it, with the equipment already given to them by their Father, and swim in it – their curiosity and their desire to know God compelling them to take action. Seeking God takes us deeper into the well. The underground cavities are filled with numerous jewels – the sediments and rocks are imbued with crystals – all formed in the presence of God.

Diving deeper into the aquifer, below the level where sunlight reaches, riches of God are present that eye has not seen and ear has not heard. A place where sunlight is not needed because the light of God’s glory is enough. It is more than enough, it is abundance, richly and greatly adorned.

The water shimmers with gold dust; jewels sparkle in the crystal clear water, gold nuggets lie in the sand, and on the rocks.

We have all been given the equipment we need to find the treasures hidden in the well. God seeks to permeate our lives so that we may truly live in Him and He in us. The water may look dark and uninviting when looking in from the surface, but those who are hungry for more of God, will find Him, but they have to press in. They have to go deeper.

This well is part of every single of us who has chosen to follow Christ. It is there to renew us every moment of every day. It is there so we can seek more of Him, not just for ourselves but also to share with others, so they too may begin to dive deeper.