When I look at you I see… spirals

A common theme of last year were spirals. These came in many different forms, and were described by many different people throughout the year in regard to different things.

In my mind’s eye, one of these images described had lights so twinklingly bright. Another sculpture. A piece of mdf later, and a set of lights from a well known DIY store, I set about designing this sculpture. Each hole which needed drilling through the mdf needed to be a set distance away, and this distance had to allow the light the slotted into the hole, without danger from overheating. Each spiral needed a set number of lights, and this had to be calculated too. How many lights were to be set in the centre of the sculpture?

Drilling the mdf had to be done in such a way that removed/reduced the need for sanding down any sharp edges. If you mark the right side of the board, it is thus marked. But if you drill down from the wrong side to the right you risk jagged edges.

Having drilled circa 200 holes in five spirals, I then painted the mdf with special mdf paint. And had to wait 3 or so days between each coat of paint – ensuring of course that I did not fill up any of the specially drilled holes with paint, nor have any drips. Easier said than done, when the viscosity of the paint is like thick molasses, and the smell is rather potent. Three coats of paint on each side (and don’t forget the edges too), and then out came the glitter spray to add some further sparkle to the sculpture.

Next I had to think how the lights would stay attached to the sculpture, and invested in some thick electrical tape, again with a potent smell), but also with good sticking capabilities. This, over the lighting cabling ensures that if the sculpture is tipped upside down, the lights do not fall out. Kinda important.

This sculpture is currently in the conservatory, being used as a wall light. To me, it can be used as a tool for meditation…