Creative writing

I posted this on Facebook a few weeks back. Thought I would repost here, and expand on it. Watching telly … More

New media

I wondered how I was going to share this story, and I’m still not quite sure. It was towards the … More


So I’m thinking of starting this up again. With thoughts, words and deeds, and pics of what I’ve made and … More

winter pics

On the road I was annoyed the year before driving home that I didn’t have my camera in the car. … More

New Zealand

1 Australasian Crested Grebe 2 Yellow-eyed Penguin 3 Blue Penguin 4 Pied Shag 5 Mute Swan 6 canada Goose 7 … More


Birds 1 Black Collared Barbet 2 White-fronted Bee-eater 3 Southern Boubou 4 Familiar Chat 5 Black Egret 6 Black Eagle … More