Ellie’s Energetic Epistle

Ellie’s Energetic Epistle became the title of the round robin letter I sometimes send to friends at Christmas time if I’ve managed to write something before the Christmas season arrives (this for me means that this has to be written before Advent). So the name has stayed.

Originally created to keep family and friends up to speed with my movements abroad when I took a three month sabbatical during my previous career, the blog has languished since, with not much input.

I now live at least two hours drive from most of my friends so there’s a chance that the blog may come into its own again. However, the site is going to host the creative output of some of my creativity. The galleries will hold a number of photographs that may be used for non-profit purposes. The photos all contain a digital watermark “Copyright E Charman”. The images on the site are not the full size images either so please let me know if you would like the full size image.